ECB inaction and doubts over recapitalization trigger risk premium

ECB inaction and doubts over recapitalization trigger risk premium

  • The risk premium, which closes at 461 points and with a 6% return, marks its highest record since the ECB announced it would buy debt.
  • The request from Germany, the Netherlands and Finland that states take on requests for aid, increasing public debt, worsens the picture.
  • International markets, including Wall Street, have the effect of political instability and social protests in Spain and Greece.
  • The stock market drops almost 4% and loses 8,000 points.
Bolsa de Madrid

The Madrid Stock Exchange screen, which reflects the Ibex-35’s price. Kote Rodrigo / EFE

Spain’s risk premium, which measures market misgivings vis- à- vis the country, has set its highest level since September 6 at 450 basis points , when the European Central Bank (ECB) announced its intention, which has so far not been met, of buying sovereign debt. The markets, and not only the Spanish, have negatively accused the effect of political instability and social protests in Spain and Greece.

Thus the performance of the national bond to ten years has again exceeded this Wednesday 6% . Specifically, shortly before 12 o’clock, the yield of the national ten-year bond stood at 6.012%, while its German counterpart fell to 1.505%. At the end of the session, the Spanish risk premium went up to 461 basis points and the 10-year bond at 6.07%.

It is not good news for Mariano Rajoy , who in an interview with the economic newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), explained that Spain has not decided whether to resort to European rescue funds, but that if the interests paid by the country Financing is still very high for a long time. “You can be 100% sure that you would ask for that ransom .”


Germany, Finland and the Netherlands make things difficult

According to analysts, the rise in the risk premium responds to the doubts that the attitude of Germany, the Netherlands and Finland , which have refused to the MEDE to finance the recapitalization of banks, has aroused in the market. it is each State that appears as guarantor of the money it receives and the one that assumes the possible losses, which will affect its public debt . That is to say, it will be the public money that will have to face the debts contracted by the banks-it is estimated that the bank rescue will cost between 40,000 and 60,000 million euros .

The losses on Wall Street intensified during the protests in Madrid

The claims of these three countries go against what the EU leaders agreed this summer, which agreed that the recapitalization should have a retroactive effect and stop being counted as a debt when the European financial supervisor comes into operation. It also implied that the countries that went to the ESM did not have to guarantee the losses.

This new turn of Germany has also been noticed in the Stock Exchange, which started the session falling by 2.34%, but that ended up losing 3.92% and standing at 7,881 units , the fourth largest fall of the year.

According to the analysis department of Bankinter, investor sentiment has weighed this morning the bad session on Wall Street, the worst of September, and the negative close of Asian markets.

In fact Wall Street is accusing the crisis of the European debt and even the climate of social discontent that suffers Spain , in fact the losses in the New York parquet flared up in the last hours of the hirings, coinciding with the escalation of the tension in the protests in Madrid against government austerity measures.

They also accuse the markets, including the Spanish, the situation of instability generated by the sovereignty claims of Artur Mas, spurred by the successful call of the Day , and the climate of tension and discontent of the rest of European countries that are applying hard measures of austerity, like Greece that this Wednesday lives another day of general strike.

But above all, the finance ministers of Germany, the Netherlands and Finland, who “reopened the melon of who must assume the costs of a future direct recapitalization of the banking by the European rescue fund, MEDE”.

No news from the ECB

On September 6, ECB President Mario Draghi assured that the entity will undertake an unlimited purchase program of sovereign debt of the eurozone countries with difficulties, called Outright Monetary Transactions, OMT, for its acronym in English).

The mere possibility that the ECB announced that it will buy sovereign debt managed to reduce Spain’s risk premium from around 500 points to 440, and once the body confirmed the announcement Spain’s country risk has evolved downwards to be around 400.

Either he will have to forcefully take the patient or let him die

However, the ECB has not yet proceeded to buy sovereign debt in the secondary market, and as confirmed on Monday, are already 28 weeks that have not made purchases.

To this must be added the doubts that the banking recapitalization process poses to the statements of the finance ministers of Germany, Finland and the Netherlands, which on Tuesday showed their support for the states to assume the request for help to recapitalize. banking, which will increase public debt.

Likewise, the country risk of Spain accuses the uncertainty about the formal request by Spain of aid to the European Union.

The chief economist of Saxo Bank, Steen Jakobsen, explains that if Spain refuses to take its medicine – the rescue that only comes with the “condition” of being formally requested -, or will have to “drug” the patient by force in the monetary plane or “let it die” (default).


News Retail investors use their opportunities on the capital market with fintechs

News Retail investors use their opportunities on the capital market with fintechs

 Monday, 29.08.16 , written by Cora Christine Döhn In the low-interest phase, high-return investments are no longer just an option, they are a must. This has been recognized by the numerous fintechs, who are also paving the way for small investors to invest in the investment world. But it is precisely the small investors still motivate them to take their finances confidently in the hand. Because nothing  Lars Reiner von Ginmon im Interview

Lars Reiner is Managing Director at Ginmon

High yielding assets such as equities have long been only an option for the rich. But fintechs have greatly reduced the cost of custody account management and management in the stock market, making it socially acceptable for so-called retail investors. Now, investing in equities is possible even from a small investment . But how exactly do the fintechs work and how do they change the financial market? Lars Reiner von Ginmon answers these questions in an interview with In addition, he explains that many more people should deal with their money.

Fintechs are helping to make access to finance easier for retail investors. What is your experience? How much do retail investors use their new opportunity?

Lars Reiner: Direct access to shares on the stock market has actually been possible for private investors for a long time. However, many options, such as investing in individual stocks, are rarely suitable for building sustainable wealth . Because the risk is just too high. Many retail investors who still invest, even lose money in the stock market instead of multiplying it. That should not be so natural.

For the accumulation of assets, diversification by investing in a large number of equities and other asset classes – so-called portfolios – is generally required. In this way, an optimal risk-return ratio is made possible . The way in which such equity portfolios are composed is traditionally decided by a fund manager. However, since the management of the portfolios is very costly, these investments have long been worthwhile only from high six-figure amounts. This is of course much more than most individuals have in their petty cash.

Many fintechs are now trying to automate exactly the cost-intensive aspects of investing. For example, Ginmon has digitized portfolio management and can offer it much cheaper than investment funds managed by individuals. Investments are possible from as little as € 1,000 one-off investment and a monthly savings rate of € 50 .

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What advantages do fintechs offer over traditional investment opportunities for retail investors and inexperienced savers?

Lars Reiner: The basic advantage is that even small investors have the opportunity to have their money managed professionally and thus for the first time the regular investment of smaller amounts really worthwhile . However, we have found that people without investment experience generally have less interest in capital market-based products. The broad masses in Germany must first slowly approach this form of investment. In the US that looks quite different. Around 60 percent of the population now invest money there in the capital market . Accordingly, they are more open to alternative investment and investment opportunities than the Germans.

Fintechs: That’s hidden behind the name

Fintechs are financial service providers that use technical means to simplify processes. For example, automated procedures reduce administrative costs. For this reason, high-return investments on the stock market are no longer too expensive for retail investors.

What are the most common questions about investing that you encounter?

Lars Reiner: Our experience has shown that most people who want to invest money are already well versed in the capital market. Questions therefore arise more in terms of content. For example, many savers want to know technical details or understand our fee model.

It is interesting that many people contact us via chat, e-mail and sometimes on the phone to find out whether actually approachable people are behind Ginmon and not robots.

Can inexperienced savers learn more about the financial world through fintechs?

Lars Reiner: In our view, it is very important to inform savers about investing on the capital market – especially now that simple money saving on the call money account is no longer an option due to the low interest rate environment. The lack of interest forces everyone to search for savings alternatives . Due to Fintechs’ high degree of automation, it is possible to invest in the capital market even without previous knowledge of the capital market, and it is gradually becoming more and more aware of this type of investment.

We inform interested parties, for example, on our website, our blog and our public relations. Our vision is to significantly increase the proportion of Germans who spend their money on the capital market. We only achieve this goal by helping to make the financial market more transparent . Up to now, capital market investors and financial market people have been particularly interested in us, as they are looking forward to an alternative investment opportunity.

We want to change that. Even if we do not make every person a financial professional: we aim to make the investment as a whole “normal” and that no investor has to worry about where to invest his money. He should sit back and relax, read the business section in the paper and have the certainty that he will always invest optimally . At the same time, it demonstrably achieves a significantly higher return compared to actively managed funds or independent portfolios.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Reiner!

  • Here are tips and more information about the investment. >
  • Cora Christine Döhn
  • editorial staff newsbox icon

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Lesen Sie, wie sich das Beantragen eines Kurzzeitkredits vom Ratenkredit unterscheidet.


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